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concept_note_rioA report from the first ‘Informal-Informal’ negotiations on Rio+20 draft text

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In June 2012, one of the most important environmental gatherings in a generation took take place in Brazil – Rio+20. Organisers identified seven key issues to form new sustainable development goals: jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans and disasters. Forests, however, were largely excluded from most of these key issues – with only one mention in the description of ‘food’.

To ensure that forests remain high on the agenda in 2012, CIFOR coordinated one of the most important conferences on forests alongside the Rio+20 summit, Forests: The 8th Roundtable at Rio+20. Distinguished panellists discussed new research findings – and remaining knowledge gaps — and their policy implications for integrating forests into the solutions to four key challenges to progress toward a green economy: Energy, food and income, water, and climate.

13.00-14.00 Registration and welcome drinks
14.00-15.30Science discussion panelsPanel 1: Forest Goods (Energy, Food and Income)
Panel 2: Forest Services (Water and Climate)
15.30-16.00 Coffee break 
16.00-16.05Video of speech by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
16.05-16.30Keynote speechBård Vegar Solhjell, Norwegian Minister of the Environment
16.30-17.45Policy discussion panel 1Policy implications of current forestry research
17.45-17.50Select key messages from Collaborative Partnership on Forests’ Ministerial Meeting
17.50-18.10Closing remarksCarlos Klink, Brazilian National Secretary on Climate Change and Environmental Quality
18.10-18.15Tribute video to Nobel Laureate Professor Elinor Ostrom
18.15-18.30Coffee break
18.30-19.25Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force Roundtable: Building Pathways for Low Emissions Sustainable Development
19.25-21.00Cocktail reception