Upcoming EVENTS

International Symposium on Forest & Landscape Restoration

There is a growing awareness of the importance of forest in terms of climate change, biodiversity and combating desertification, and a strong potential for coherence among countries on that. The symposium will provide a forum for showcasing successful evidence of Korea’s restoration initiatives taking place at the country level, as well as for discussions on the role of regional and international platforms in drawing attention to such projects.

Global Landscapes Forum Bonn 2018: Connecting for impact. From commitment to action.

Human well-being depends on sustainable landscapes. Safe and plentiful food, health benefits, livelihoods and income, trade and economic opportunities, renewable

World Conference on “Forests for Public Health”

Urbanization and modern lifestyle changes have diminished possibilities for human contact with nature in many societies. At the same time,


4th Annual FLARE Meeting

In partnership with the University of Copenhagen and the University of East Anglia, the 4th Annual FLARE meeting will be held at the University of Copenhagen, October 17-20, 2018.

Collaborative Research Center 900: EFFort (Ecological and Socioeconomic Function of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems)

This is the first International Symposium focusing on the full complexity of changes associated with the transformation of tropical lowland

Policy seminar: The Future of the Commons

This policy seminar will discuss recent developments in research and policy on the commons, with particular attention to tenure and governance.