Writeshop for Papua and West Papua academics and researchers to amplify impacts of Manokwari Declaration commitments

Jayapura, 6 – 7 April 2021

Tropical forests covering the provinces of Papua and West Papua account for 38.72% of Indonesia’s total forest area. They play important ecological, economic, social and cultural roles for generating environmental services, producing timber and non-timber forest products, and harboring biodiversity-rich ecosystems and endemic species. These forests are essential for the Indigenous peoples of Papua.

In 2018, the governors of West Papua and Papua made bold commitments to conserve and promote sustainable development that respects Indigenous peoples. The “Manokwari Declaration: Indigenous People-based Sustainable Development in the Land of Papua” aims to protect the forests and ecosystems, and ensure sustainable use of natural resources across the two provinces.

Academics and researchers active in the two provinces have carried out numerous studies and research on climate change and sustainable development. Various stakeholders have also put forward key findings and recommended options that would inform the development of strategies for sustainable development for the two provinces. However, these materials are often written in a style not easily digested by policy makers. Researchers and academics also lack capacity to communicate research findings effectively through popular or public media.

Since 2019, with support from UKCCU, CIFOR and its partners have helped equip local stakeholders with the knowledge and capacity they need to turn the above-mentioned commitments into actions and outcomes.

In collaboration with Papua Province’s Regional Commission for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (KOMDA PPIB), CIFOR has organized a two-day writeshop on 6 and 7 April 2021 entitled “Lokatulis Sains Popular: Perubahan Iklim dan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan di Papua dan Papua Barat.” The writeshop aims to enhance the capacity of academics and researchers to write popular scientific articles and communicate and publish them effectively in public media. Participants will learn how to make their writing flow and to express arguments clearly; to edit popular writing and to send articles for publication in public media.

This event will be held offline in Hotel Horison, Jayapura, and will be in Bahasa Indonesia without translation.

For more information:
Heru Komarudin, CIFOR at h.komarudin@cgiar.org