World Symposium on Climate Change and Biodiversity

03 - 05 Apr 2018, Manchester Metropolitan University

Climate Change and a whole and global warming in particular,  are known to have a negative impact on biodiversity in  three main ways. Firstly, increases in temperatures are known to be detrimental to a number of organisms, especially those in sensitive habitats such as coral reefs and rainforests. Secondly, the pressures posed by a changing climate  may lead to sets of responses in areas as varied as phenology, range and physiology of living organismss, often leading to changes in life cycles (especially but not only in reproduction), losses in productivity or even death. On occasions, the very survival of some very sensitive species may be  endangered. Thirdly, the impacts of climate change to biodiversity are estimated to be felt in the short term in respect of some species and ecosystems, but also in the medium and long term in many biomes. Indeed, if left unattended, some of these impacts may be irreversible.

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