National Symposium, Value Chains of Furniture, other Forest Products and Ecosystem Services

14 Feb 2013,

This symposium aims to communicate and disseminate a variety of information and research results and studies related to the distribution of forest products and services (e.g. furniture, pulp and paper, REDD+, ecotourism) to the following groups: policy makers in the Ministry of Forestry and other government agencies, researchers, academics, users and practitioners, NGOs/civil society, environmentalists and community and forestry observers.

Contact person:

Ms. Dina Hubudin
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR),
Furniture Value Chains Project.
Jalan CIFOR, Situ Gede, Bogor Barat, 16115, Indonesia
Email :
Tel. +62 (251) 8622622
Fax. Tel. +62 (251) 8622100