IUFRO International and Multi-disciplinary Scientific Conference

04 - 07 Oct 2016, IPB International Convention Center

This international scholarly conference aims to be the global scientific hub for forest-related social sciences research including studies on forest-related empirical fields. This conference will compile latest scientific advance in forest-related policy analyses as well as wider forest-related governance studies e.g. political science, sociology, anthropology, human geography, regional development, economics, psychology, environment, forest history, legal studies, livelihood and tenure analyses. It strives to accommodate theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions from around the globe in topical sessions.

In addition, the conference aims to provide a platform for science-based contributions in interfacing scientific knowledge into policy and management practices. It hence dedicates a prominent session to trans-disciplinary questions at the science-policy interfacing and includes contributions from various disciplines on this issue as well.

By holding the conference in Indonesia the organisers wish to acknowledge the growing international relevance of the country regarding forest policy practice as well as scientific research in related fields. We invite scholars from around the globe to join the event in a thought-provoking, tropical, and hospitable environment.

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