Innova Forum & TFA2020: How business can tackle deforestation

17 - 18 Oct 2017, Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan

Innovation Forum is partnering with Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, to deliver the third ‘How business can tackle deforestation’ conference in southeast Asia.

This two-day multi-stakeholder forum will build on previous meetings to provide practical guidance for corporations in the development and implementation of anti-deforestation policies and forest preservation practices in Asia.

We are delighted to be working with TFA2020 to combine regional meetings. In doing so we’ll bring together a large, diverse group of stakeholders and create a dialogue between each of the key actors.

Over the two days, we will have focused debates and practical working sessions on:

  • The politics of palm oil. Is palm oil sustainability misunderstood in Europe?
  • Peatland preservation and restoration: What do solutions to current problems look like and are they realistic?
  • Deforestation-free finance – are the big banks finally seeing the wood for the trees?
  • Jurisdictional sourcing and the REDD+ agenda
  • Tackling human rights challenges on plantations
  • How can business address complex and entrenched land rights issues?
  • Transparency v Traceability – what is the right model for retail supply chains?
  • Smallholder engagement: finding an optimum balance between forest conservation agendas and national SDG aspirations

At Innovation Forum we are committed to bring the highest and most engaging level of content to the event attendees, and for that reason we are introducing new session formats to increase engagement and learning:

  • Live crisis scenarios: The moderator will set up the discussion by creating a fictional scenario. The panellist will then work through the crisis as it evolves from a minor incident to a large-scale scandal, giving practical examples as they describe how you should – and shouldn’t – respond.
  • Question time: Delegates will have the opportunity to send their questions in advance. We will select the most stimulating questions so that the discussion gets to what matters most to the audience from the onset.
  • Dilemma scenario workshop: In this format, the session leaders will engage the audience in thinking critically about an issue within the context of a wider scenario. This allows the attendees to develop the skills to handle a similar set of problems in their day-to-day role.
  • Q&A: This informal question and answer setting aims to provide the audience with insights into the decision-making processes of influential leaders from the government, corporations and leading NGOs.


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