Indonesian version of “Life after Logging” now available

19 Jan 2007,

Hutan Pasca Pemanenan, the Indonesian translation of the highly regarded 2005 publication, Life After Logging, examines the impact of logging on wildlife in Malinau, East Kalimantan. The book shows how forest management can be improved in many simple ways to increase the compatibility of timber extraction and wildlife conservation. Logging has been long viewed as a major cause of conflict between conservationists and timber companies. But this book shows how these diverse interest groups can achieve much more by working together.

Hutan Pasca Pemanenan’s launch was held at the “” bookstore and included a presentation by author, Erik Meijaard, from the Nature Conservancy. As part of his presentation Eric noted that non-strictly protected forests contribute much more to conservation than previously realized and that this has enormous implications for forestry and conservation. Co-author Doug Sheil, CIFOR joined Erik to lead an open discussion with the audience. Representatives from organizations including Birdlife, UNESCO, LIPI and WWF praised the book and the consultative process that had led to it.

The book is available from CIFOR free of charge. It was translated into Indonesian to make its important information and advice more accessible for policy makers, officials, industry representatives and students working in forestry, environment and conservation in Indonesia. For free copies of Hutan Pasca Pemanean contact Nia Sabarniati, CIFOR, n.sabarniati@cifor.cgiar An electronic version can be downloaded at


“Hutan Pasca Pemanenan” bisa diperoleh tanpa dipungut biaya di CIFOR. Buku ini diterjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia agar informasi dan saran-saran penting dapat lebih mudah disampaikan kepada para pembuat keputusan, aparat pemerintah, kalangan industri serta mahasiswa di bidang kehutanan, lingkungan dan konservasi di Indonesia. Untuk mendapatkan buku tersebut, silakan menghubungi Nia Sabarniati, CIFOR di Versi elektroniknya dapat didownload di