GLF Bonn Digital Conference: Food in the time of crises

03 - 05 Jun 2020, Bonn

Human health and livelihoods depend on planetary health. So, how can we feed a growing global population without eating the planet? The 2020 theme of GLF is “Food and Livelihoods.” Today, food systems are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, a main driver of deforestation and the greatest threat to biodiversity. We need to transform the way we produce food and, as the COVID-19 pandemic is showing, we need to start now.

With global health pandemics and climate change creating a world of unknowns, we still have the power to plan for the future of food and livelihoods –a future with long-term planetary health and human well-being at the fore. Get an inside look at the latest sustainable food innovations. See how the world’s leading organizations use landscapes to solve today’s most pressing challenges. Experience the GLF Bonn Digital Conference online, from wherever you are. Join discussions with farmers, chefs, policymakers, scientists and more and immerse yourself in a learning track designed to answer your specific questions and spark your imagination. Have your voice in the joint endeavor to ‘build back better’.


Increasing global food production to satisfy the demands of a growing population doesn’t need to further stress the globe’s natural resources and its biodiversity. Research increasingly suggests that we already produce sufficient food yields to satisfy future generations. It’s also shows that people living in multifunctional landscapes supported by intact ecosystems benefit from more nutritious foods.Join in this Digital Summit and form partnerships, forge new policies and incentives for restoration and develop new ideas to tailor these approaches to local settings.

Date and venue

June 3 – 5, 2020 – GLF Broadcast Center, Bonn and Online

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