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GLF Bonn 2020: Food in the time of climate crisis

3 - 5 Jun 2020, GLF Broadcast Center and Online, Bonn, Germany.

How to feed the world without eating the planet? The 2020 theme of GLF is “Food and Livelihoods.” Today, food production and agricultural systems are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, a main driver of deforestation and the greatest threat to biodiversity. It’s time to transform this problem into an opportunity,

GLF will host one of the world’s first global digital conferences on integrated land use from its new digital broadcasting center in Bonn, Germany, marking a new era for global conversation without a carbon footprint. Experience the future of conferences and connect, share, learn and act through this five-day GLF event featuring inspirational talks, interactive sessions and idea exchange toward building more sustainable food systems.

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