FTA 2020 Science Conference Forest, trees and agroforestry science for transformational change

14 - 25 Sep 2020,

This is an internal FTA conference on invitation for researchers participating in the FTA program, either working for/with an FTA managing partner (BIOVERSITY, CIFOR, CATIE, CIRAD, ICRAF, INBAR, TBI) or as co-authors of abstracts submitted to the event and for keynotes/invited speakers.

Download the short agenda in pdf here

Vancouver UTC-7 08.00-09.15 |Lima  UTC-5  08.00-11.15 |Rome UTC+2 15.00-18.15 |Nairobi  UTC+3 16.00-19.15 |Bogor  UTC+7  20.00-23.15 |Beijing UTC+8 21.00-00.15+

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