CIFOR at the 13th World Forestry Congress

18 - 25 Oct 2009,

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18-25 October 2009

Side events
Monday, 19 Oct
Presentation and roundtable discussion
Forests, human health and well-being: Findings of IUFRO’s recent science initiatives
IUFRO Task Forces: Forests and Human Health, Traditional Forest Knowledge, Improving the Lives of People in Forests
Panelist: Peter Cronkleton
Tuesday, 20 Oct
Yellow Pavilion
Managing forests in REDD: Linking sustainable forest management and forest degradation
Organisers: CIFOR, ONF International and CATIE
Contact person: Markku Kanninen
Thursday, 22 Oct
Poverty Environment Network: Assessing the role of tropical forests in poverty alleviation
Organiser: Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen,
Contact person: Sven Wunder
Strategies to strengthen capacity building of research and higher education in tropical forestry in post conflict situations
Organisers: CIFOR, EU and University of Kisangani
Contact person: Robert Nasi
Moderator: Cyrie Sendashonga
Roundtable discussion
Local governance for pro-poor smallholder development in the Amazon
Organisers: The Amazon Initiative Consortium, CIFOR, the Albert-Ludwigs Universisty Freiburg, International Fund for Agricultural Development, Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Freiburg
Biodiversity in forest landscapes: partnerships for conservation and sustainable communities
Organisers: International Model Forest Network Secretariat, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service
Panelist: Terry Sunderland
Sustainable forest management at the Global Environment Facility: The new SFM Strategy for GEF-5 (2011-2014)
Organiser: Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Panelists: Markku Kanninen and Louis Verchot
Book launches
Monday, 19 Oct
Forests for people: Community rights and forest tenure reform
Edited by Anne Larson, Deborah Barry, Ganga Ram Dahal and Carol J. Pierce Colfer. Published by CIFOR and Earthscan, Bogor and London
Panelist: Peter Cronkleton
IUCN Environmental Law Centre event: RBA book launch
Rights-based approaches to conservation: Presentation of complementary tools
Panelist: Terry Sunderland