CIFOR at Asia-Pacific Forestry Week. Hanoi, 21-26 April 2008

21 - 26 Apr 2008,

Monday, 21 April, 10.45 -11.50 (room 318)

  • Opening Session: Forestry in a Changing World
    Introductory remarks from the international research community Frances
    Seymour, Director-General, CIFOR

Tuesday, 22 April, 08.30 -12.00 (room 313)

  • Plenary: "People, Forests, and Human Well-being: Managing Forests for People in a Period of Rapid Change"
  • Frances Seymour is presenting “Forests: Do They Matter?”

Wednesday, 23 April, 08.30 -12.00 (room 313)

  • Plenary: "Forests and Climate Change"
    Partners: CIFOR & FAO

Thursday, 24 April, 08.30 – 12.00 (room 313)

  • Plenary: Dialogue on Timber Trade, Forest Law Compliance and Governance.
    Partners: AFP and CIFOR, DFiD, IGES and TNC
  • 17.00, CIFOR Book Launches (room 201)
  • Lessons from Forest Decentralization. Carol J. Pierce Colfer, Ganga Ram Dahal and Doris Capistrano
  • Managing Forest Resources in a Decentralized Environment. Petrus Gunarso, Titiek Setyawati, Terry Sunderland and Charlie Shackleton

Saturday, 26 April, 09.00 (room 202)

  • “Poverty Reduction through Forestry-related Activities in Asia”
    A Seminar on IFAD supported forestry-related programmes in collaboration with CIFOR, ICIMOD and ICRAF
  • Book launch: Payment for Environmental Services: Experiences and Lessons in Vietnam. Hoang Minh Ha, Pham Thu Thuy, Meine van Noordwijk.

21 -25 April (NCC Lobby, 3rd floor)

  • Information Market: CIFOR booth and poster session.

Download Flyers:

  • Asia-Pacific Forestry Week Summary Report (PDF file)
  • Forests & Climate Change (PDF file)
  • Timber Trade, Forest Law Compliance & Governance (PDF file)

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