Central Africa Forest Day 2

02 Nov 2009 - 03 Sep 2010,

Shaping the debate on forests and adaptation to climate change in central Africa

Forest Day will bring together scientists, forestry experts, community representatives, policy makers and other forest stakeholders to present and discuss forest and climate change issues in Central Africa:

  • Adapting and mitigating climate change in central Africa
  • New challenges in adaptation to climate change
  • Climate change and indigenous people rights
  • The scope of carbon markets in central Africa
  • REDD and forest management
  • Climate change and poverty alleviation
  • Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and beyond
  • Mitigating climate change in central Africa: a matter of procedures and capacities

Activities on Forest Day will include diverse and dynamic forums for communities, research institutions, NGOs and policy makers to present findings, engage in discourse and develop solutions.

  • Topical presentations

  • Panel discussions

  • Informative and interactive sessions

  • Forest Café

  • Posters and information booth


Download the agenda in pdf format in English or French.

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or download our informational flyer in pdf format in English or French.