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Tropical Forest and Climate Change Adaptation - TroFCCA

Sub-Saharan Africa is predicted to be highly vulnerable to climate change. Coping with climate change and climate variability by forest resource-dependent communities requires assistance in identifying appropriate adaptation mechanisms and policy framework. Vulnerability and adaptation pose significant challenges, especially in a region that lacks the resources to manage uncertainties. For example, there are significant scientific challenges like understanding transitional changes across forest-savannah ecosystem margins (biophysical and socio-economic) in response to climate change.

TroFCCA in West Africa works closely with relevant sectors and actors in national governments, research and academic institutions and NGO’s. It takes into consideration regional initiatives on adaptation, in particular those on forest resource-dependent communities across the wide spectrum of forest types and along the existing precipitation gradient from Northern Mali to Southern Ghana. The work is coordinated from Ouagadougou and there’s a separate webpage devoted to this project funded by the European Commission: