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Nature, Wealth and Power


Based on the Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP) framework, this study analyses three cases of natural resource management that are considered successful by stakeholders. The cases focus on the management of wildlife areas (hunting concessions); the management of natural forests (community forest management areas); and the management of soil and water. The study consists of:

  • An investigation of the degree to which reasons of success concur with the dimensions, principles, and action steps presented in the NWP framework
  • An analysis of how the partial successes and partial failures coincide with the deviation from the principles and action steps recommended by the NWP framework
  • Review the relevance of the NWP framework in these natural resource management interventions
  • Formalize these elements to allow an operationalisation of the NWP framework for assessment of these NRM interventions based on these case studies

The work is funded by WRI.