DRY FOREST - Center for International Forestry Research

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in African Dry Forests: from local action to national forest policy reforms

Expected Outputs

The action-research will assist policy makers and rural people to take advantage of the emerging opportunities offered by forest-based enterprises. The research will provide evidence for improved livelihoods from engaging forest product businesses, support positive policy reforms, catalyze new thinking on the policy agenda, and draw lessons from previous work on forest products. The initiative will help rural communities in the three countries learn new practices, identify new markets, price their products and will help in setting up institutional mechanisms (e.g. joint forest management) around a specific forest product, help poor families increase access to forest resources and incomes as well as help the farmers manage the resources sustainably. The research will produce new paradigms, tools and methodologies that improve our understanding of forest based enterprises, livelihood options and sustainable forest management at the global level.