This toolbox has been assembled by CIFOR and our partners to provide practitioners with information about the range of conservation and development approaches. The toolbox includes four topics:

  1. Tracking outcomes: We propose that by tracking livelihood and conservation outcomes and through annual reflection it is less likely that trade-offs will be glossed over and less likely that livelihoods are forgotten in the quest for conservation

  2. Participatory modelling: by building models that include livelihoods and conservation we believe the linkages will be more explicit and this helps practitioners to develop practical strategies that produce win-win situations

  3. Doing better research in complex systems: achieving integrated research at multiple scales that has impact is not an easy task. A series of cornerstones can help improve the efficacy of research

  4. Payment for Environmental Services (PES): Can Payment for Environmental Services deliver better conservation outcomes as well as improve livelihoods?



Center for International Forestry Research MacArthur Foundation Wildlife Conservation Society Conservation International World Wildlife FundInternational Tropical Timber Organization Charles Darwin University Ford Foundation Department for International Development