Colloquium on Forests and Climate

New Thinking for Transformational Change

24 September 2014, Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University, New York


Obama’s science advisor to talk energy at Colloquium on Forests and Climate

US President Barack Obama’s top science advisor will explore fresh ways to tackle energy challenges during a rigorous scientific debate,

Climate crisis ‘could become a global revolution’

“I think it’s possible to have more food, more forests, fewer emissions and better livelihoods. It can be done.”

Amazon forest could become an ‘impoverished savannah’ under climate change

The stark warning comes from Carlos Nobre, a member of the UN Secretary General's High-level Panel on Global Sustainability.

‘Deep, recurrent structural problems’ lie behind climate challenges

Eduardo Brondízio of Indiana University hopes to 'provoke questions that people may not be thinking about' during an upcoming colloquium.

Science striving for larger role in charting policy agenda on forests, climate

"The reason we’re making this public is really about outreach and awareness raising," said CIFOR scientist Louis Verchot.

Online tool seeks to tailor climate plans for forest communities

Toolkit aims to understand how forests contribute to community adaptation strategies.

REDD+ can help ‘green’ Indonesia’s resource-dependent economy: expert

Discussions at the 2014 Forests Asia summit focus on innovative ways of financing sustainable landscape management.

Once there was a lake: Study highlights complexity of vulnerability to environmental change

Without consultation, central governments risk making a bad situation worse.

Despite stumbles, Colombia leading the way in ecological restoration

Scientists highlight room for improvement and a lack of landscape perspective.

‘Smart man’s timber’ offers ‘opportunity’ in the face of climate change

Changing perceptions about bamboo and its uses.

Sustainable development in the Congo Basin: Moving beyond the biodiversity agenda

Scientists and policy makers hope to see conservation and development not only coexisting, but blooming together in Africa.

Funds plentiful, but will is weak to fuel low-carbon economy: experts

Momentum building towards a new international climate agreement.

Farmer urges range of measures to aid women battling climate change

Women want to adapt to new ways of farming, but often lack access to technology and sufficient expertise.

Re-thinking investment in landscapes to aid sustainable development

Combining innovation in both public and private investment in household enterprises is the key to restore and maintain healthy landscapes.

Combining climate-change adaptation and mitigation: a win-win option

A holistic approach to combating climate change.