Getting down to business in Bonn

Meeting seeks to create a rule book for the Paris Agreement

REDD+ pioneers or guinea pigs?

Locals voice concerns over top-down climate action projects in Central Kalimantan

For a better Borneo, new map reveals how much terrain has changed

New atlas displays 40 years of human impacts on forests – from fires to logging to industrial plantations and more

COP22 Special: The Medina, souks and the ‘COP of Action’

Top 10 things to watch out for at the COP22 concerning forests and land use

Re-examining Indonesia’s land and forest fires

A new CIFOR study shows that to identify responsibility for the problem of forest and land fires, maps and satellites are not enough

View from the Pacific: ‘Climate change is real’

Leaders of Pacific island nations shared their concerns about climate change and forests at the 2016 Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit

REDD+ politics – or why it is so difficult to tackle large-scale drivers of deforestation

While countries are developing their own approaches to REDD+, the challenges they face remain largely the same.

The rush to ratification of the Paris Agreement

Climate change in the context of sustainable development

Loud and clear: Paris Agreement signals need to protect ecosystems and human rights

Valuing rights and ecosystems gives the Paris Agreement a holistic perspective, one that we need if we are to avoid “wrong” climate actions.

Earth Day Special Feature: The importance of integration

Why an integrated approach to the Sustainable Development Goals is necessary to ensure their success and protect the planet and its people.

Bridging gender theory and practice in environmental policy

Reflections on how far gender scholarship has evolved, and how to further broaden its application

Backwards from gender equality: Oil palm’s impact on Dayak women

Land use change is transforming women's status in East Kalimantan, research shows

Paris Agreement: Not perfect, but the best we could get

Forests and other carbon-absorbing ecosystems are at the heart of the (imperfect) Paris Agreement, this in-depth analysis explains.

“We” have a deal

The disappointing gender aspects of the Paris Agreement can be balanced by feeding evidence and experience into policy.

Forestry for a sustainable future: Making a difference beyond agreements

A wishlist for outcomes of the XIV World Forestry Congress in Durban.

How landscape approaches can help achieve the SDGs – in three (challenging) steps

Achieving the SDGs is not going to be easy and there’s no single way to do it, but landscapes could provide a useful framework.

A river runs through it: Why water needs a landscape approach too

Everyone needs water, so local groups must work together to make sure there’s enough to go around, panel says.

The landscape approach: How did we get here and where do we want to go? Just ask Darwin!

On the ongoing evolution of the landscape approach.


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