Responsible Land Governance – Towards an Evidence-Based Approach

20 - 24 Mar 2017, World Bank, Washington, DC
Friday | 9:00 - 10:30 | MC 9-100

Master Class: Land and Forest Tenure Reform Implementation And Tenure Security: An orientation for policy makers and practitioners

What is tenure security? What are the key factors influencing forest tenure security? How can the tenure rights of multiple actors (men, women, indigenous groups, etc.) be secured during reform implementation? How can tenure security be advanced during reform implementation? These are some of the questions that participants will explore during this MasterClass session. The session will draw heavily from ongoing research and action under CIFOR’s Global Comparative Study on tenure reform implementation and from related initiatives by CAPRi, FAO and the International Land Coalition.

The main objective is to enable participants to better understand the concept of land and forest tenure security, its multi-dimensional nature, linkages of tenure reforms with livelihoods and key future initiatives to secure the rights of forest and land-dependent communities. The session will also introduce participants to Participatory Prospective Analysis, a collaborative approach for analyzing tenure threats and identifying options for tenure security. The session will establish a community of practice and will be engaged over the course of the next two years in subsequent learning activities including a tenure café, electronic consultation and regional forums aimed at deepening our understanding of
how to secure tenure rights in multiple settings.


Anne M. Larson
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Anne M. Larson
Esther Mwangi
Mani Ram Banjade