CIFOR at 2016 IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania

Forests for Sustainable Development: The Role of Research

24 - 27 October, Beijing, China.
27 October 2016 | 13:30-15:30 | 303B

Policies for improved contributions of forest plantations to economies, societies and the environment

This session will bring together policy researchers and experts from a number of countries in the region to discuss current problems and best practice approaches to plantation development that best serves the needs of industry, communities, smallholders and the environment. This will include panellists from developed countries (Australia, New Zealand), emerging economies (China, Vietnam) and developing countries (Laos, Indonesia), industry and NGOs.


Professor Rodney Keenan, School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences, University of Melbourne, Australia, & Dr Somvang Phimmavong, National University of Laos


Rodney Keenan & Somvang Phimmavong

CIFOR Panelists:

Anne Toppinen
"Tree plantations, timberland ownership and control strategies"

Tran Lam Dong
To be determined

Vu Tan Phuong
To be determined

Somvang Phimmavong
"Challenges with current plantation policies in Lao PDR"

Himlal Baral
"Tree plantations and ecosystem services"

Luis Neves Silva
"Making tree plantations work for industry, people and environment"


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