CIFOR at 2016 IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania

Forests for Sustainable Development: The Role of Research

24 - 27 October, Beijing, China.
24 October 2016 | 16:00-18:00 | 301B

Valuating the Ecosystem Services of Forests: a Gross Ecosystem Product approach

This session will focus on the valuation of forest ecosystem services as a mean of forest management, with a comprehensive illustration of methodologies, case studies and major China forest programmes.


Zhu Chuqnuan (IUCN China)


Zhu Chuqnuan

CIFOR Panelists:

Louis Putzel
"Valuation of Ecosystem Services: A critical comparison of approaches with reference to upstream service provider livelihoods"

Guangcui Dai
"Study of China Forest Resources Accounting"

Chunquan Zhu
"Pilot Studies of Gross Ecosystem Product in China"

Zhiyun Ouyang
"Gross Ecosystem Product: concept, accounting framework, and case study"

Faqi Shi
"Brief Introduction on China’s Natural Resource Balance Sheets Compiling Pilot"


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