CIFOR at 2016 IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania

Forests for Sustainable Development: The Role of Research

24 - 27 October, Beijing, China.
24 October 2016 | 13:30-15:30 | 305

Policies, governance and economics at the intersection between REDD+ and swidden systems in Southeast Asia

This session will discuss the policies (and politics), governance, socio-economics and land use practices in swidden landscapes of Southeast Asia, and assess if, and how, REDD+ can have a role to incentivize forest management and equitable development in these landscapes.


Grace Wong & Maria Brockhaus (Center for International Forestry Research)


Moira Moeliono (CIFOR)

CIFOR Panelists:

Shinya Takeda
"Mapping a full cycle of swidden cultivation in a Khmu village and its implications for land use stabilization in Laos"

Maria Brockhaus
"The politics of swidden: A case study from Nghe An and Son La in Vietnam"

Grace Wong
"Risk coping strategies of swidden livelihoods in Laos and the potential role of PES or REDD+ incentives"

Nyein Chan
"A preliminary assessment of the effect of out-migration on the swidden landscape: A case study in Southern Chin State, Myanmar"

Ole Mertz
"Prospects for REDD+ in swidden landscapes"