CIFOR at 2016 IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania

Forests for Sustainable Development: The Role of Research

24 - 27 October, Beijing, China.


Backwards from gender equality: Oil palm’s impact on Dayak women

Land use change is transforming women's status in East Kalimantan, research shows

Eat your vegetation

Linking landscapes to children’s diets in Indonesia.

Wild honey harvest

A living tradition in West Timor brings sweet rewards for forests and the community

Rural women across the globe: Linking livelihoods and landscapes

To celebrate the UN International Day of Rural Women, CIFOR's Gender Coordinator Dr. Bimbika Sijapati Basnett shares her views on the progress and the challenges for women living and working in rural areas.

Nutrition and landscapes

To celebrate World Food Day, CIFOR scientist Amy Ickowitz shares her views on why forests are important for nutrition.

Quality over quantity: Changing diets and consumption

Online discussion for World Food Day sheds light on alternative ways to achieve global food security and sustainability

New study highlights need for REDD+ to look beyond carbon

Global use of rubber has risen 6 percent each year since 1900.

Hopes rise for Myanmar to chart a greener path

sustainable development, green economy and poverty reduction on the agenda for Myanmar.

“Slash and burn” works, given time and space

If managed well, swidden farming in Borneo can provide vital ecosystem services and protect biodiversity, study says


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