| 14:00-15:30 | Academiegebouw, Kanunnikenzaal (first floor)

Zero-deforestation commitments and the dynamics of regime complexity

This panel offers a critical review of recent zero-deforestation commitment trends and their substantive content, and implementation mechanisms. By doing so, it highlights potential social and environmental trade-offs and points of intersection and conflict with established regime complexes. Drawing on experiences in the Brazilian soy and beef sectors, the Indonesia palm oil sector, and the Central African timber sector, this panel goes on to explore how the inter-regulatory dynamics in different commodity chains evolve to resolve the land use management, smallholder upgrading, and tenurial challenges that the proliferation of zero-deforestation commitments has produced. The research presented in the panel will offer new empirical insights into the dynamics and impacts of regime complexity and proposes pathways to harmonizing divergent regulatory approaches and interests.

CIFOR Presenters:

George Schoneveld
"Opportunities and risks of corporate zero-deforestation commitments"

Paolo Cerutti
"Inclusiveness, equity and sustainability: New ideas needed for informal timber operators in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Pablo Pacheco
"The politics and practice of zero-deforestation and sustainability commitments in palm oil in Indonesia"


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