| 14:00-15:30 | UCK-Domplein, Room 1.14 (first floor)

The role of external actors in multi-level governance of the commons

Forest Tenure Reform implementation involves diverse actors with multiple roles and interests, including government officials. Few studies have attempted to systematically document the conditions facing government agency implementers in multiple settings in their efforts to implement tenure reform. This study, co-authored by Esther Mwangi, Anne Larson, lliana Monterosso, Baruani Mshale, Nining Liswanti and Mani Ram Banjade, generates insights into the underlying processes and factors that influence tenure reform implementation. In particular it identifies the factors that enhance or constrain reform implementation from the perspective of over 100 individual implementers in government agencies at national and sub-national levels in four countries: Indonesia, Nepal, Peru and Uganda.

CIFOR Presenter:

Tuti Herawati Hadis
"Forest tenure reform implementation: Perspectives from national and sub-national government officials in multiple settings"