| 11:00-12:30 | UCK-Domplein, Studio 0.17 (ground floor)

Challenges and outcomes of collective tenure reforms for security and livelihoods

The papers on this panel will present four aspects of research findings on tenure reforms. The first paper, presented by Anne Larson, will provide an introduction to the panel, presenting a broad perspective based on multiple reforms around the developing world. It discusses the many challenges faced in the process of reform – before, during and after rights recognition – and suggests ways forward. The second, presented by Baruani Mshale, examines whether and how different forest tenure regimes result in improved forest tenure security for forest dependent communities, using a comparative analysis of cases from Indonesia, Nepal and Uganda. The sites include villages with perceived threats to security under a variety of types and stages of recognition. The third paper, presented by Mani Ram Banjade, examines the livelihood impacts of reforms across the 55 study villages, based on the intra-household questionnaires, focus groups and key informant interviews. In particular, the paper assesses the key livelihoods initiatives taken as well as incomes and other benefits harnessed from land and forest management after the reforms. And the final paper, presented by Iliana Monterroso, presents comparative results on the process and outcomes of reforms from a gender perspective.

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CIFOR Presenters:

Anne Larson
"How (not) to title indigenous and community lands: A story"

Iliana Monterroso
"Analyzing social differentiation within collective tenure regimes: Forest tenure reforms and women’s rights"

Mani Ram Banjade
"Impact of land and forest tenure reform implementation on livelihoods of forest-dependent communities: Comparative analysis across various tenure regimes"

Baruani Mshale
"Impacts of forest tenure reforms on tenure security for forest dependent communities: A cross-country comparative study"


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