International Symposium on Forest & Landscape Restoration

25 October 2018
Seoul, Republic Of Korea.


There is a growing awareness of the importance of forest in terms of climate change, biodiversity and combating desertification, and a strong potential for coherence among countries on that. In this sense, we would like to hold an international symposium that reaffirms the significance of Forest & Landscape Restoration in the Republic of Korea for the international recognition and Inter-Korean forest cooperation. The symposium will provide a forum for showcasing successful evidence of Korea’s restoration initiatives taking place at the country level, as well as for discussions on the role of regional and international platforms in drawing attention to such projects.


The symposium mainly aims to:

  • Reaffirm and share Korea’s experience on forest & landscape restoration in various aspects such as policy, science technology, and international cooperation
  • Proliferate our successful experiences in overcoming national-scaled forest degradation and forest landscape restoration being progressed by various institutions, searching for ways to applying them to developing countries as well as North Korea.



Welcoming Address

Speaker: President of National Institute of Forest Science

Congratulatory Address

Speaker: Minister of Korea Forest Service
Robert Nasi, CIFOR Director General

Session 1: Successful Story of FLR(Forest& Landscape Restoration), Korea

Chair: Yeo-chang Youn, Professor, Seoul National University

Policy and Technology for the Successful Restoration in South Korea

Speaker: Kyung Joon Lee, Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University

Re-examination of Korean Forest Greening in terms of FAO FLRM

Speaker: Douglas McGuire, Coordinator, UN FAO

Korean ODA Support for Forest Greening and Future Direction

Speaker: Ki Yeon Ko, Director General of International Affairs Bureau, KFS

Session 2: International Cooperation and Connective Integrated FLR

Chair: Christopher Martius, Team Leader, CIFOR

NIFoS-CIFOR Collaborative project in Indonesia : FLR as a pathway to accomplishing climate and development goals

Speaker: Himlal Baral, Senior Scientist, CIFOR

The Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology(ROAM) : An approach to scaling FLR

Speaker: Mirjam Kuzee, Global Manager, IUCN

Capacity Building of Developing Countries based on the Successful Case of Korea’s Greening

Speaker: Sarwat Chowdhury, Policy Specialist, UNDP Seoul Policy Centre

Implication of Land Degradation Neutrality on the Korean Peninsula

Speaker: Utchang Kang, Programme Officer, UNCCD

Session 3: Inter-Korean Cooperation based on the Successful FLR Experiences

Chair: Yowhan Son, Professor, Korea University

Deforestation Change detection in North Korea using Remote Sensing

Speaker: Myung-kil Kim, Director of Global Forestry Division, NIFoS

FLR in DPRK : Challenge, Opportunity and key points

Speaker: Jinlong Liu, Professor, Renmin University of China

Win-Win Forest Cooperation between South Korea & North Korea

Speaker: Jae-soo Bae, Director of Forest Industry Division, NIFoS

Panel Discussion

Chair: Kyongha Kim, Director General of Dept. of Forest Policy & Economics, NIFoS

Theme: South-North Cooperation based on Successful Forest Restoration Experience