UN Climate Change Conference

7 – 18 November, Marrakesh
16 November 2016 | 13:00-13:30 | Global Landscapes Forum

Round 1 Launchpads

Description: Online cartographic tool distinguishes companies (oil palm and pulpwood) who practiced deforestation from those who avoided it over the last four decades




David Gaveau
To be confirmed

Speaker's bio:
David Gaveau combines satellites, drones and field investigations to study the impacts of humans on Earth’s land surface. He maps tropical deforestation, forest degradation and regeneration, agricultural developments, and landscape fires. He quantifies impacts on rainfall, atmospheric carbon, air quality, virus outbreaks, and wildlife. David investigates the effectiveness of forest conservation interventions in Southeast Asia, for example whether protected areas, corporate zero-deforestation pledges, and no-burning policies reduce deforestation and fires. He develops internet mapping solutions to disseminate the information to the general public.


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