UN Biodiversity Conference

4-17 December, Cancun, Mexico
5 December 2016 | 13:15 - 14:45 | IGOs Group Meeting Room, Sunrise Building, Second Floor

Farmers in Developing Countries – Balancing Zero Hunger with Biodiversity

Climate change is a major challenge for meeting the SDG2. One evident side effect of climate change is loss of biodiversity. This loss has far reaching implications and the smallholders on the frontline of climate change are suffering most. The joint side event concentrates on ongoing and future efforts combining the fight against biodiversity loss, hunger and the fight against climate change, focuses on countries’ experiences and showcases the importance of anticipating, absorbing and reshaping for climate resilience in agriculture sectors, including early warning systems, insurances, social protection and climate risk sensitive finances and investment at scale.


  • Smallholder farmers face daily struggles to feed their families and their communities, maintain their livelihoods, and respond to increased climate risks. In this context, how can they incorporate biodiversity conservation to the challenges they already face?
  • What type of policy and financial instruments are required for smallholder farmers to become agents for conservation of biodiversity, rather than contributors to environmental degradation?


Terry Sunderland, Team Leader for Sustainable Landscapes and Food (CIFOR)


Margarita Astralaga, Director of Environment and Climate (IFAD)
To be determined

Chikelu Mba, Team Leader, Seeds and Plant Genetic Resources, Plant Production and Protection Division of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
To be determined

Alejandro Argumedo, Director of Programmes at Asociacion ANDES
To be determined


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