CIFOR at Asia-Pacific Forestry Week

Growing Our Future!

22 – 26 Feb 2016, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines.
Wednesday | 15.30 - 17.00 | Fontana Convention Center

Gender-inclusive Communication for Achieving SDGs

Women in forested landscapes play central roles in the use, management and conservation of forest resources and agricultural lands across countries and communities in the Asia and Pacific regions. And yet, women are often excluded from decision-making regarding land use management. Such exclusions are particularly pronounced for indigenous women/ethnic minorities’ women who depend most on forests and trees for their livelihoods. Barriers that hinder women’s meaningful participation are multi-dimensional and a product of a combination of socio-economic, cultural and political factors. Communication is a powerful tool that can be strategically used to raise awareness about the importance of promoting gender equity, address informational asymmetries between women and men, and challenge and transform unequal gender dynamics and power relations which serve to limit women’s participation in public affairs, including sustainable forest and other natural resource management. A growing body of evidence suggests that where women’s roles and voices have been recognized and incorporated, the sustainable forest management and equitable benefit sharing mechanisms have also improved.

This session is conceptualized in reference to SDGs Goal 5 with an objective of generating greater insights on the role of information and communication to promote women’s increased participation and empowerment in sustainable forest management. It will focus on the strategies employed and the experiences in fostering gender-inclusive communication through the production, dissemination and use of information.



- Bimbika Sijapati Basnett, Scientist, CIFOR
- Cynthia Maharani, Research Officer, CIFOR