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Board of Trustees Members


CIFOR’s Purpose
The Center for International Forestry Research is a nonprofit, global organization dedicated to advancing human wellbeing, environmental conservation and equity. CIFOR conducts research that enables informed decision making about the use and management of forests in less-developed countries. CIFOR helps policy makers and practitioners shape effective policy, improve the management of tropical forests and address the needs and aspirations of people who depend on forests for their livelihoods.

CIFOR’s Establishment and Governance:
CIFOR was established in 1993, with its headquarters seat in Bogor, Indonesia. CIFOR is an independent International Intergovernmental Organization, governed by its Board of Trustees, within the CGIAR Consortium.

CIFOR would like to invite nominations for election as potential Board members.

In order to maintain a sufficiently broad perspective in policymaking, CIFOR strive for diversity and balance in the Board composition. Approximately half of the members shall be drawn from developing countries, including the host country, and half from developed nations. CIFOR shall maintain a lively range of ages and perspectives on the Board. Gender is also an important aspect of diversity in CIFOR.


Role of Board Members:

Board members will play a role in setting the strategic direction of CIFOR, ensuring that the organization lives up to its vision, mission and values. Board members will be responsible collectively for the governance and strategy of CIFOR.


We anticipate the time commitment which will be approximately two weeks in a year including Board meetings which will usually be held twice a year.

Whilst the role is voluntary, Honoraria, enroute allowance, travel expenses, per diem and insurance coverage will apply on CIFOR business.

Board members will serve an initial term of three years. Board members designate will be invited as observers to Board meeting when they are to be elected.


Summary of responsibilities
Board members shall govern CIFOR in all affairs of the Center and are responsible for ensuring that:

  1.  CIFOR has objectives, programs and plans that are consistent with its purpose;
  2. CIFOR is managed effectively by the Director General in harmony with the agreed objectives, programs and budgets, and in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements; and
  3. The future well-being of CIFOR is not jeopardized by exposing its financial resources, its staff or its credibility to imprudent risks.

Main Board duties are:

  1. Definition of objectives and approval plans to meet the Center’s purpose and monitor the achievement of this purpose;
  2. Specification of policies to be followed by the Director General in pursuing the specified objectives;
  3. Appointment of the Director General, determination of his/her terms of employment, monitoring his/her performance and dismissal of the Director General if his/her performance is inadequate;
  4. Approval of the Center’s broad organizational framework;
  5. Approval of personnel policies including scales of salaries and benefits;
  6. Determination of priorities relating to major elements within and between the Center’s programs;
  7. Approval of the Center’s program and budget and the Center’s Annual Report;
  8. Ensuring the Center’s cost-effectiveness, financial integrity and accountability;
  9. Appointment of an external auditor and approval of an annual audit plan;
  10. Approval of an investment policy and monitoring of its implementation;
  11. Overseeing of major borrowing, major expansion including the acquisition of major equipment and facilities, and the disposal of major assets;
  12. Ensuring that due consideration is given to the recommendations and suggestions made by reviews pertinent to the Center’s operation and activities;
  13. Ensuring that Board members have no conflict of interest;
  14. Maintaining the composition of the Board with respect to the expertise needed to discharge the full range of its responsibilities, and monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Center; and
  15. Perform all other acts that may be considered necessary, suitable and proper for the attainment of the purpose of the Center.

Key tasks will also include:

  • Strive to attend all Board meetings and be active participant in discussions and activities.
  • Take part in the Board business in an efficient and effective manner, including determining and safeguarding the mission of CIFOR.
  • Follow appropriate standards of behaviour in line with an agreed code of conduct.
  • Help to build good relationships in the spirit of partnership with other stakeholders including resource mobilization.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest where possible or ensure conflicts are declared in line with CIFOR’s Code of Conduct.
  • Work closely with the Board Chair, Director General and Management to maintain effective working relationships.
  • Prepare for Board meetings by reading the agenda, minutes and any other papers in advance of the meeting.
  • Fulfil any responsibilities assigned at the meeting and be prepared to report back on progress at the next meeting.
  • Fulfil Board responsibilities by incorporating good practices into their work and perpetuating these practices through ongoing board education and orientation.


Person Specifications
The following attributes are required of the Board members:

  • Passionate about advancing human well-being, equity and environmental integrity.
  • Proactively demonstrates strong commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality.
  • Time and commitment to effectively discharge the responsibilities of the post.
  • Good judgement and independence of mind.
  • A willingness to acquire new knowledge and skills relevant to the role.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong communications and interpersonal skills, able to liaise effectively with a wide range of stakeholders and audiences.
  • Ability to motivate people to work together and to deliver their best.
  • Ability to work collectively as a part of a group.
  • Ability to engage in constructive debate and dialogue, rather than confrontation.

Knowledge and experience:

  • Understanding global concern for forests, their biodiversity and broader global issues such as international, national, and rural development, the role of science and technology in development, the roles of institutions and the relationships between them and the role of forestry in development.
  • Experience as a member of a management board, committee or senior management team.
  • Experience in fundraising / resource mobilization will be an added advantage.
  • Experience of working with international not for profit organisations;
  • Experience of organisations that operate for the benefit of human well-being, protecting the environment and increasing equity;
  • Experience of building and developing successful partnerships, alliances and working relationships with a range of organisations and stakeholders;


Eligibility criteria:
Geographical Area: One or two from:

  • Japan, Australia and New Zealand; and
  • Asia

Areas of Expertise:

  • Financial / Management expertise; or
  • Forestry with private sector focus; or
  • Agriculture with research background experience.
  • Experience in fundraising is an added advantage.

Gender and Diversity:

  • Female;
  • Below 50 years of age

Application process

  • The position is open until filled.
  • We will acknowledge all applications, but will contact only short-listed candidates.


To apply, please write to the Secretariat of the Chair of the Nominations Committee, Ketty Kustiyawati at
To learn more about CIFOR, please visit our website at