Co-View (Collaborative Vision Exploration Workbench)
  It is a tool to help facilitators of natural resource management and stakeholders to articulate and explore a shared vision of the future and to develop strategies to achieve it.
C&I Toolbox Series

C&I Toolbox Series comprises 9 of the 10 tools (tool no.10 is still under development), which were developed during the CIFOR project on Testing Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management. The tools are aimed to help users develop and assess C&I of sustainable and equitable forest management.

CIMAT Support
  CIMAT (Criteria and Indicators Modification and Adaptation Tool) is a knowledge based system which has been developed to support the process of developing and assessing locally adapted C&I. This page provides the answers to Frequently Ask Questions about the tool.
Miombo Research Briefs
  Miombo Research Briefs Series is a publication of a CIFOR/EC Research Project: Management of Miombo Woodlands.

ACM Programme Newsletter

The ACM Programme Newsletter is designed to contribute to enhancing mutual learning and sharing experiences among the team members, and iterating through the ACM process.

ACM Newsletter (Malinau Site, East Kalimantan)

The ACM Newsletter for the Malinau site in East Kalimantan is intended to facilitate communication between 27 communities and ACM researchers, as well as other groups. At the Malinau site ACM researchers are examining conflict and collaboration among communities and with other stakeholders concerning boundaries and land uses. In 1999-2000 action facilitated by CIFOR included participatory mapping and a cross-visit to Paser district to observe the impacts of oil palm plantations. The newsletter is issued according to need when issues occur or results are available. The Malinau project occurs under the umbrella of the Bulungan Research Forest.

List of Publications - ACM Programme
  This page provides list of Publications/Reports produced by the ACM Programme. Download available for papers published by CIFOR.