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Criteria and Indicators ToolBox Series
Toolbox #3

CIMAT (Criteria and Indicators Modification and Adaptation Tool) Version 2
Purnomo, H., Prabhu, R., Yasmi, Y., Colfer, C.J.P., Simarmata, J.P.P., Zacharias, T., Rizal, A., Haggith, M., Taylor, J., Yulianto, E., Sukadri, D., Helianthy, G.E., Sartika, E., Indriatmoko, Y., Isbadi, I.I.



CIMAT is a computer software designed to help users modify, customize and adapt the CIFOR C&I (Criteria and Indicators) generic template and C&I sets of CIFOR industrial plantation, CIFOR community managed foerst, International Tropical Timber Organization, Forest Stewardship Council, African Timber Organization and the Indonesian Ecolabelling Institute to meet local conditions and expectations.

CIMAT also allows its users to develop an entirely new set of C&I from an 'empty' set. CIMAT will assist users by giving suggestions at any stage. Furthermore, CIMAT also provides guidance for assessment of C&I using multicriteria analysis i.e. analytic hierarchy process, ranking and rating. CIMAT can also be treated as a 'learning tool' for those who are merely interested in exploring the C&I knowledge store on it.

The CD contains:

  • CIMAT Version 2 Tutorial

    The tutorial is developed to help users learn CIMAT interactively and step by step followed by some case studies. It contains some basic examples on how to perform particular tasks in CIMAT. It equipped with vioce. Audio devices will be required.

  • Criteria and Indicators Papers

    A collection of CIFOR's C&I research outputs. We have grouped these outputs into 4 categories; C&I Tollbox, C&I Papers, Other Related Papers and CIMAT Related Papers. The C&I Toolbox deals with guidelines for development and application of C&I for a particular forest management unit. C&I Papers consist of both published and unpublished papers produced by CIFOR and it's collaborators based on the C&I research carried out since 1994. Other Related Papers, although not directly related to C&I, provides supporting references for their development and application. The last one provides more information on CIMAT.

System Requirements :

  • 486 DX or better with Win 95/98/NT/2000
  • SuperVGA 800x600
  • RAM 32 MB (minimum 16 MB)
  • Harddisk space 17 MB






  Download the Full Version (English) of this software (6.5 MB in zip format)
  Download the Full Version (Indonesian Language) of this software (6.75 MB in zip format)