Code of Conduct

We care about our behavior as Board members and how we get results.

We, the Board of Trustees of CIFOR apply the principles in this Code to our relationships with each other and with all those people with whom we deal in our work for CIFOR. Our Code of Conduct is a guide for us all in the way we do business as Trustees of CIFOR and members of the CGIAR system.

In our individual capacity as members of the Board of CIFOR, and in our collective capacity as the Board of CIFOR, we will abide by the following minimum standards:

1. We respect the law and act accordingly

  • Our objective is always to comply with the laws of the country in which we are operating.
  • Everyone of us will notify our Chair of any failure to comply with the law.
  • In interpreting the law, we will always endeavor to adopt a course which reinforces our reputation for integrity.

2. We conduct ourselves with integrity, are fair and honest in our dealings and treat others with dignity

  • Integrity for us means doing the right thing and behaving properly.
  • We do not use oppressive or misleading practices or falsify or wrongfully withhold information to achieve a benefit for ourselves or for CIFOR.
  • We operate in countries with many different laws, customs and business practices. We recognize these but do not compromise the principles embodied in this Code. Honesty is valued in every culture.
  • Dignity for us means that everyone is entitled to be treated with respect as a person, regardless of individual difference.
  • We aim to work as a team and to promote cohesiveness and loyalty among us.

3. We do not place ourselves in situations which result in divided loyalties

  • For us, divided loyalties arise when:
  • our private or professional interests conflict directly or indirectly with our obligations to CIFOR and the CGIAR;
  • we receive benefits (such as gifts or entertainment) from a person doing or seeking to do business with CIFOR which could be seen as creating an obligation to someone other than CIFOR.
  • We do not act in ways which may cause others to question our loyalty to CIFOR.

4. We use CIFOR assets (including funds, equipment and information) responsibly and in the best interest of CIFOR

  • Using CIFOR’s funds to provide excessive benefits (such as gifts or entertainment) for ourselves or others is unacceptable.
  • Using CIFOR’s assets (such as equipment or stores) other than for CIFOR’s business or interests in unacceptable.
  • We respect the nature of Board information and do not disclose confidential information relating to the Board of CIFOR without authorization by the Board Chair.

5. We are responsible for our actions and accountable to the CIFOR Board for their consequences

  • We take responsibility for:
  • being well prepared for Board meetings;
  • ensuring CIFOR’s good name and its role as a CGIAR center;
  • informing the Chair and/or the Board of any possible conflicts of interest we may face;
  • being proactive in seeking to achieve the objectives assigned to us;
  • the way in which we achieve those objectives;
  • the attitude we adopt in achieving those objectives;
  • honestly and fully reporting the results of our actions.
  • For us, accountability means we take responsibility for and will be judged by the outcome of all manners over which we have control.