Teene´ Maayaen – I am Mayan

This documentary film from renowned filmmaker Varial* chronicles the impacts of climate change and deforestation on the indigenous communities who live in and around the Mayan Forest in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and their efforts to both combat it and adapt to it. The film captures stirring images and interviews emotionally depicting the toll that changing rain patterns have had on the Mayans, forcing them to adapt their planting practices and, in some cases, migrate to cities. But the story is one of hope, as we see the communities taking action with their own hands on their own lands to implement improved productive practices that both reduce deforestation and improve resilience. They are proud leaders on the frontlines of climate change and they have a message to share with the audience: “I am Mayan and I care for my Mayan Forest. And you? What is your Mayan Forest?”
This film brings the voices of the Mayan communities of the Yucatan Peninsula to the COP in order to increase awareness about how climate change is affecting indigenous communities and what those communities are doing about it.