Lessons from the Amazon

Can you protect forests and enhance people’s livelihoods at the same time? The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is conducting research across the Amazon that aims to find a sustainable future for people and forests.

To learn more, and for more stories of CIFOR’s work in the Amazon, visit https://forestsnews.cifor.org/amazon

For photos of Brazil: http://bit.ly/11H7Dxx

MUSIC: Special thanks to composer Oscar Alberto Macedo Mejia of Puerto Maldonado for allowing us to use his songs “Hermano Nativo” and “Pueblo Viejo”, from an album composed for the centenary of Madre de Dios.
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And to Carlos Alberto Benjamin from Acre for allowing us to use his song “Rainha da Floresta” from the album “Sete Luas.”