Landscape approaches The place of agroforestry, afforestation and reforestation in REDD+

A joint event sponsored by the organisers of Forest Day and Agricultural and Rural Development Day

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World Agroforestry Centre, ITTO

Global climate policy has so far segregated mitigation and adaptation as distinct issues, and followed separate approaches for agriculture and forestry, based on historical institutional divides. Yet extensive areas in developing countries are landscapes with considerable tree cover, forest margins and transitions to farm-based forestry. And a large proportion of the rural population live in such landscapes. Evidence-based policy development can do well by starting from the reality of rural livelihoods and actual carbon stock dynamics in living landscapes, and find ways to develop high carbon stock development pathways. This Discussion Forum presented several case studies on how more integrated approaches can help decision makers avoid the pitfalls of segregated policies at international, national and local levels.