GLF 2013 – Youth: The Future of Sustainable Landscapes (Part 3)

Youth: The Future of Sustainable Landscapes (Part 3)

Official Youth Session UNFCCC COP19. Watch speeches and discussions that aim to bring together youth and those working with youth in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, conservation, development, industry and/or climate change to highlight issues and possible solutions in mobilizing youth to achieve a sustainable future.

Watch the first 2 parts of the session here:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Moderator: Sithembile Ndema, FANRPAN


(Part 1)

Tan Copsey, BBC Media Action

Nadia Manning-Thomas — Linking development, youth and retail in an unconventional way

Joseph Macharia — Luring youth back to farms: The power of social media

Aliness Mumba — Building youth capacity for engagement in agriculture policy processes

Karen Tuason — From landless to landowner: Collectively empowering young farmers

(Part 2)

Otim Joseph — Uganda’s untold success story: How a youth social forestry effort restored the post-war landscape

Stephen Kibet — Kenya’s youth use mapping technology to combat soil erosion

Izzy Lawrence — Barriers to action: Empowering youth to overcome challenges in landscapes sectors

Amy Duchelle — Students and knowledge exchange with local stakeholders: Possibilities and preparation

Location: The Old Library, University of Warsaw, Poland

Date: 16 November 2013

Duration: 30:02

Key terms: Global Landscapes Forum, COP19, REDD+, CIFOR, UN, climate change, YPARD, CCAFS, CGIAR, GFAR, CTA, FANRPAN

Global Landscapes Forum, 16-17 November 2013, Warsaw. #GLFCOP19

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