GLF 2013 – Towards a sustainable landscape approach

Towards a sustainable landscape approach: New generation of integrated watershed management (IWM) programs for rural development, resilience and empowerment (Technical and networking session 2)

Held during the Global Landscapes Forum in Warsaw, this session brings together representatives from governments, donors, civil society and practitioners for networking and discussing the findings. The three questions the panel addresses are:

1.Which framework conditions are necessary in order to achieve all: sustainable intensification of resource use, adaptation to CC and empowerment of the rural population?
2.What are potentials for scaling up the impacts?
3. What are critical success factors?

Moderator: Peter Kelly


Pascal Corbe, Global Donor Forum

Dieter Nill, Advisor and technical coordinator for the sector project Sustainable Agriculture of GIZ (German Development Cooperation)

Crispino Lobo, Co-founder of WOTR (the Watershed Organization Trust), heads the Sampada Trust, a microfinance and entrepreneurship development centre

Sally Bunning, Senior Land/Soils Officer at the Land and Water Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Location: University of Warsaw, Poland

Date: 16 November 2013

Duration: 2:04:44

Key terms: Global Landscapes Forum, COP19, CIFOR, UN, climate change

Global Landscapes Forum, 16-17 November 2013, Warsaw. #GLFCOP19

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