Getting REDD+ to work

REDD + is a key element in the negotiations on a post 2012 international climate regime. By including REDD+ in this regime, the world will be able to reward developing countries that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by curbing the loss of forests. REDD+ is an acronym for “reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries”. The “+” stands for an enhanced form, which also covers sustainable management of forests, conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

REDD activities are undertaken by national or local governments, and a number of other organizations such as The World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, the UN-REDD Programme, and Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative. The genuine actors of REDD, however, will be the populations whose livelihoods derive from forests. Indigenous People and forests-dependent communities will be the front liners of REDD, and the success of REDD+ activities will largely depend on their engagement.

This DVD contains films that discuss the challenge of implementing REDD+ in the Democratic Republic Congo. There is one long version and one shorter version.

Made with support from Norad

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