Forest Day 4 – Subplenary – Biodiversity – Synergies in policy and practice


‘The natural world in which we live is nothing short of entrancing—wondrous really. Personally, I take great joy in sharing a world with the shimmering variety of life on earth. Nor can I believe any of us really want a planet which is a lonely wasteland.’

— Thomas Lovejoy

The aim of this session is to enhance synergies between efforts to safeguard biodiversity, tackle climate change, and implement sustainable forest management. We will discuss achievements of the International Year of Biodiversity and identify further opportunities for synergies in policy and practice during the International Year of Forests in 2011 and toward Rio+20 in 2012.

The current political debate on climate change does not yet fully reflect the importance of biodiversity for climate change mitigation and adaptation. This subplenary session will bring together a group of key experts and decision makers to identify and promote forest-based policies and measures that can simultaneously address the biodiversity crisis, contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation and achieve sustainable forest management (SFM).

There are encouraging examples of the inclusion of biodiversity objectives in pilot and demonstration activities for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), as well as in national climate change adaptation efforts. The session will build on successful efforts at national level to conserve, restore and sustainably use forest biodiversity in support of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and it will identify how the international policy framework could further support such synergies.