Anastasia Yang & Bimbika Basnett – People in Motion, Forests in Transition

Labor-driven migration, enhanced mobility, and the sending of remittances are key elements of current transitions especially in the developing world. Population movements are not new but what is different in the conjuncture today is the hyper-globalized context of human mobility, and the sheer numbers. With a focus on landscapes that include tropical forests, the paper on which this presentation is based, explores trends and diversities in the ways in which migration, urbanization and associated remittances affect rural livelihoods and forests. The implications of migration and the rise of remittance economies have become important topics for scholars of immigration policy and transnational studies, but very little research has focused on the relationship of migration, associated changes in labor, and remittances on forests. This talk will provide a brief overview of the forthcoming CIFOR Occasional paper by Hecht, Yang, Sijapati Basnett, Padoch (2015) that reviews much of the existing literature on these issues, points out existing gaps in knowledge, and identifies future research needs.

Hecht, S., Yang, A.L., Sijapati Basnett, B., Padoch, C. (2015) People in Motion, Forests in Transition: Trends in Migration, Urbanization, and Remittances and their Effects on Tropical Forests and Forest-Dependent Communities, CIFOR Occasional Paper (under revision)

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