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Minutes of Open Session
CIFOR, August 9, 2004

Full English Report [177kb]

Appendix 1. List of participants

Name of Participant Institution
Dr. Markku Kanninen CIFOR
Dr. Patricia Shanley CIFOR
Dr. Byoung Il Yoo CIFOR
Ms. Yanti Kusumanto CIFOR
Dr. Ulrik Ilstedt CIFOR
Mr. Harris Iskandar CIFOR
Dr. Pratiwi FORDA
Dr. A. Ngaloken Gintings FORDA
Mr. Kemal Amas FORDA
Dr. Ir. Rufi'ie, M.Sc FORDA
Ir. Tabroni FORDA
Dr. Atok Subiakto FORDA
Dr. Yadi Setiadi Bogor Agricultural University
Dr. Lilik B. Prasetyo Bogor Agricultural University
Ms. Yumi Kitamura Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Ms. Labueni Siboro Wetlands International - Indonesia
Dr. Irsyal Yasman INHUTANI I
Mr. Ukas Suharfaputra Dinas Kehutanan Kuningan
Mr. Bunbun Budhyarsa Sumber Daya Alam dan Lingkungan, Dinas Kehutanan Kuningan
Mr. Lukmansah Hardigaluh Switszerland Embassy
Mr. Pierre Hagmann Switszerland Embassy
Mr. Kanenori Miura JICA - MoF - Halimun - Salak Project
Mr. Timothy Nolan Forest Liaison Bureau
Mr. Tri Nugroho DFID/MSF - Facilitator for Forest-related policy initiatives and processes
Ms. Jenie Pareira Birdlife Indonesia
Mr. Takeo Toyota JICA - Halimun Salak
Ms. Triana JICA - Halimun Salak
Mr. Asep Umar Jaya LATIN
Ms. Kasmalia Sari International Cooperation & Investment, Minstry of Forestry
Ms. Sri Mulyati International Cooperation & Investment, Minstry of Forestry
Mr. Hardjono MFP
Mr. Tajudin Edy K FORDA
Mr. F. X. Herwirawan Bapland, Ministry of Forestry
Ms. Prima Mayaningtyas Biodiversity Subdivision, BPA, West Java
Ms. Nita BPLHD
Dr. E. G. Togu Manurung Faculty of Forestry, IPB

Research Partners

Name Country Institution
Dr. Silvio Brienza Brazil Embrapa Amazônia Oriental
Ms. Zhou Zaizhi China Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, CAF
Ms. Weijia Su China/Japan Waseda University
Dr. Murniati Halef Indonesia FORDA
Drs. Lukas Rumboko, M.Sc. Indonesia Center for Social and Economic Research on Forestry/FORDA
Dr. Antonio P. Carandang Philippines UPLB
Dr. Juan Pulhin Philippines Dept. of Social Forestry and Forest Governance, UPLB
Ms. For. Rose Jane Peras Philippines Dept. of Social Forestry and Forest Governance, UPLB
Dr. Do Dinh Sam Vietnam Forest Science Institute of Vietnam
Mr. Pham Ngoc Mau Vietnam Forest Science Institute of Vietnam


Dr. Takeshi Toma Project Leader
Dr. Unna Chokkalingam Regional Coordinator/ Country Coordinator Southeast Asia – China and the Philippines
Dr. Cesar Sabogal Regional Coordinator Latin America
Ms. Ani Adiwinata Nawir Country Coordinator – Indonesia
Dr. Wil de Jong Country Coordinator – Vietnam
Mr. Everaldo Almeida CIFOR – Latin America Regional Office
M.Sc. Abel Meza Lopez CIFOR - Peru
Ms. Tini Gumartini Research Assistant
Ms. Chiharu Hiyama JICA-FORDA-CIFOR Junior Expert

Workshop Staff

  1. Mr. Hiroaki Kuramitsu
  2. Ms. Kumiko Shimamoto
  3. Ms. Rosita Go
  4. Ms. Popi Astriani

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