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Minutes of Open Session
CIFOR, August 9, 2004

Full English Report [177kb]

Closing remarks:

Dr. Takeshi Toma stated that information on past rehabilitation activities were not recorded properly and people were often biased by their own selected experiences. Through the study “Review of Rehabilitation Initiatives - Lessons from the Past”, CIFOR and partners are carrying out a larger assessment of a wide range of rehabilitation projects across countries to learn key lessons from this vast storehouse of experiences. The research aims to provide not just a long-list of constraints to forest rehabilitation, but to come up with sound options for sustainable rehabilitation of degraded forest lands with positive impacts on local livelihoods and the environment. Participants of this open session would be kept informed about the results of the study as it progressed and all outputs would be made available on the website ( Dr. Toma expected and appreciated the continued active participation and valuable inputs to the review research from all present.

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