Executive Summary
Project Proposal
» Background
» Goal and Objectives
» Scope of the review
» Methodology
è Outputs
Process and Schedule
Suggested structure of synthesis
Project Proposal
Schedule: May 2002 - March 2006
Funding source:
Official Development Assistance, Government of Japan

  1. Database of rehabilitation initiatives and their key features for selected regions of each country
  2. Database of detailed outcomes of selected rehabilitation case studies
  3. Syntheses report on the status of land degradation and nature of rehabilitation efforts in each country
  4. Possible GIS databases indicating past restoration efforts and good potential
  5. "Lessons learned" publications linked to a 1-2 page policy brief for donor and implementation agencies.
  6. Action plan based on research findings
  7. CD-Rom and Website postings of outputs. Impact-oriented information exchange and networking activities on rehabilitation.

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