Process and Schedule

Detail Who When Outputs
I Study design and methodology

Inputs into and finalization of study design and methodology for data collection and analysis, including the structures of the two project databases
CIFOR + Partners Completed by August 2003 Study design and methods including
  • Final elements of Databases I and II
  • Methods of data collection and analysis of general project inventory (Database I)
  • Study design, methods of data collection and analysis for selected case studies (Dbase II)
II Project inventory (Database I)

Gather information as required on rehabilitation initiatives within the selected regions and input into database I.

Sources of information:
  • Government, NGOs, private sectors and other relevant actors - Questionnaires, interviews
  • Project documents
  • General literature/reviews
Partners + CIFOR Completed by end 2003 Completed project inventory Database I for selected regions
III Review of literature, project reviews and other documents to pick up on key issues and insights on the nature of, constraints and possible solutions to sustainable rehabilitation in the country.

Focus on technical, ecological, socio-economic, and institutional aspects.
Partners + CIFOR Continuous Information into relevant sections of the Synthesis report
IV Initial workshop/s (with relevant provincial and national level stakeholders)

Activities covered would include:
  1. Shared understanding of study and motives
  2. Validation of project database I, filling in gaps
  3. Categorization of initiatives (based on selected criteria)
  4. Selection of case studies within each category (based on certain key features)
  5. Agree on second level database elements and method of case study review
  6. Select representatives from regions for attending final national workshop
  7. Look for key outputs needed.
Partners with inputs/ participation from CIFOR  2003
  • Validated final Database I
  • Identification of key criteria and final categorization of projects
  • Final selection of case studies
  • Final methods for case study review
  • Decide on regional representation in final dissemination workshop
V Case study reviews (Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines only)

  1. Field work/data gathering - documents, surveys/interviews, measurements/ appraisals
  2. In-depth analysis
Partners with CIFOR involvement
Completed by Mid 2004 Completed Database II
VI Joint partner meeting in Bogor
  • Summary presentation of country results
  • Cross country comparison
  • Potential papers/writing (key useful outputs)
  • Follow up activities and proposals
Partners + CIFOR August  2004 CIFOR News No 37
VII Country Reports
Partners + CIFOR Completed by end 2005 Completed reports
VIII Dissemination workshops
  • Dissemination/presentation of results
  • Discussion of useful next steps
Partners with CIFOR participation/ inputs Various dates in different countries (last in February 2006 for Vietnam)  
IX Publication of reports Partners + CIFOR By March 2006  

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