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Chokkalingam, U., Carandang, A.P., Pulhin, J.M., Lasco, R.D., Rose Jane J.P., Toma, T. 2006. One century of forest rehabilitation in the Philippines: Approaches, outcomes and lessons. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR. Country case studies on Review of Forest Rehabilitation Initiatives: Lessons from the Past.
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Table of Contents

Chapter I Introduction
Unna Chokkalingam, Antonio P. Carandang, Juan M. Pulhin and Rodel D. Lasco

Chapter II Historical overview

Juan M. Pulhin, Unna Chokkalingam, Rose Jane J. Peras, Romeo T. Acosta,
Antonio P. Carandang, Mayumi Q. Natividad, Rodel D. Lasco and Ramon A. Razal

Chapter III Outcomes and sustainability: Lessons from the ground
Unna Chokkalingam, Juan M. Pulhin, Antonio P. Carandang,
Rose Jane J. Peras, Rodel D. Lasco and Mayumi Q. Natividad

Chapter IV Bottlenecks and recommended actions:
Stakeholder perspectives from Regions III, VII and XI
Rodel D. Lasco, Antonio P. Carandang, Unna Chokkalingam, Juan M. Pulhin,
Ramon A. Razal, Romeo T. Acosta, Mayumi Q. Natividad and Rose Jane J. Peras

Chapter V Conclusions and recommendations
Unna Chokkalingam, Juan M. Pulhin, Antonio P. Carandang and Rodel D. Lasco


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