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  • Preinscripción al Taller PSA Cuenca “El Rol de Pagos por Servicios Ambientales en la Conservación de Bosque Nublado y Páramo”

    9 de Noviembre de 2006, Hotel Crespo, Calle Larga, Cuenca

    With several other partners, CIFOR co-organized and co-sponsored the NGO Fundación Cordillera Tropical's workshop: "The role of payments for environmental services in the conservation of cloud forest and páramo", 9-10 Nov. 2006, Hotel Crespo, Calle Larga, Cuenca (Ecuador). One purpose of the workshop was to increase knowledge about PES among Ecuadorian stakeholders, especially in the Southern highlands region. A second purpose was to discuss a tangible proposal for setting up a PES scheme in the Paute watershed that is vital for hydroelectric power generation. For CIFOR, the workshop anticipated various activities under the project "Making Nature Count" (see PES projects). For more information, see the workshop programme (in Spanish). more

  • ZEF-CIFOR workshop: Payments for environmental services in developed and developing countries

    The objective of the case studies of payments for environmental services (PES) presented in this workshop was to learn from different existing schemes: what worked and what did not, in terms of reaching specific objectives? What conclusions can be drawn on optimal scheme design under different settings? On an environment-development scale, the primary focus of this workshop was the efficiency of PES instruments in reaching environmental objectives. The secondary focus was on the human welfare aspects of PES, as an instrument to achieve environmental objectives and as an independent side-objective.   more